Hello! It’s Meggy again! I love the Wizard of Oz. It is a great movie and I am doing it as a musical with Mugglebee Theatre. I am playing Dorothy!! I am very excited!! Life is the best and Cleo is the cutest puppydog ever!!!!! Have a wonderful day!! That’s all for now, so bye!!!!! 🙂 ❤

Grand Re-Blogging! … again

Hello! It’s Meggy. Welcome back to my awesome blog. I haven’t blogged in a while again, but I’m back now and plan to post much more because I really enjoy it! I am 12 years old now. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I have a dog named Cleo. She is a beagle chihuahua mix and is super soft and cute. She’s 14 pounds, so it’s easy to pick her up even though she doesn’t really like it, and about 4 years old. She came from a rescue and is absolutely adorable!!!!! Anyway, I used to take gymnastics classes – I took them for a few years actually – but then I stopped and now I’m doing acro. One reason I love blogging so much is that I get to design a website, which I love, and I also like typing and it’s a way for me to write down anything I want and be able to look back on it later and remember what I was doing. I hope to start posting very often again and I will definitely post another blog thingy today. Anyway that’s all I have to say right now so bye! 🙂

The Sims

Hello! Meggy’s back. I’ve already done a blog about the sims 4, but I’m doing another one about the sims in general. When I wrote my last sims blog, the sims 4 hadn’t come out yet, but now it has and I’ve been playing it… I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! But I also wanted to talk about the sims 3 today. There are a lot of things that I love about the sims 3 that they just don’t have in the sims 4. I also think the sims 3 is much more realistic and fun in some ways because it has more expansion packs, towns, you can play with pets, whereas in the sims 4 they’re just kind of there. Also, the graphics are much more realistic and less cartoonish. The sims 4 is also easier and more fun in other ways, like the dragging in create-a-sim/CAS. Create a sim and build mode are probably my favorite parts of the game, because after a while of just playing, I get kind of bored, and I think that’s mostly because it isn’t an open world and there aren’t as many fun features and expansion packs. The sims 4 is an amazing game though, and I will continue to play it for a very long time. I will do the same with the sims 3. Also, I feel like the sims 3 is like the original and makes me happy because it was the first sims game (Other than SimCity) That I’ve ever played. Anyway, that’s all I can think of when it comes to the sims right now so bye! 🙂

Grand Re-blogging

Hello! Meggy’s back! I haven’t blogged in about three years, so we have a lot to catch up on! I am almost 11! Today is Thursday, February 9, 2017. My 11th birthday is on Sunday, February 12, 2017! It’s coming up in three days! I can’t believe it! Anyway, I need some blog ideas, so if you have any please do not hesitate to comment them down below and I promise to reply to them. If you don’t, that’s fine too. I’ll be able to think of my own blog posts, but I would enjoy your help. I am so so excited for my birthday party at Sky High! If you didn’t know, I have had my birthday parties at Sky High for a long time. I am going to make a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! It’s going to be so delicious! I am very happy to be blogging again! I think it’s very fun! I promise I will write more often and when I do write, I promise to write a lot. Like right now, I’m writing a lot more than I used to. Ok, so I think that’s enough blogging for now. See you guys tomorrow, promise! Bye Bye!!!!! 🙂 ❤


Hey, Meggy’s back! I know i haven’t been blogging lately and i’m really sorry about that! I started gymnastics a while ago and i’m going to get into pre-competitive! Pre-competitive is where they train you for competitive!! YAY!!!!! Only if I pass the tryouts though. I think i’m going to pass the tryouts, but I don’t know yet. I hope I will though!

stuff about frozen

It’s Meggy. I LOVE FROZEN and i have a older sister so it’s like I’m Anna and she’s Elsa. I’m vary happy that they made frozen games. I think frozen is an AWESOME movie and i want to watch it again and again forever. I think that’s enough for now bye 🙂

news in the sims 4

Meggy’s back. In The Sims 4 build mode there’s an awesome new window technique. It plops window’s in the nicest place it could think of. You can move the windows after it placed them. You can place rooms and then stretch the room which is awesome. It’s easier to build a nice house and that’s one of the things that i like about The Sims 4 bye 🙂